Things to know about wireless identity theft…

A lot of our products feature RFID protection. I have decided to write a blog about this, because many people I speak with have not heard of this term, so I thought this may be useful.

So lets get started with what it means?  What is RFID?

 RFID is an acronym for Radio Frequency Identification and these chips are sometimes used in bank cards, credit cards, passports. This has made life faster for us, as well as retailers, because it allows fast scanning and contactless payments. The chip will emit a signal, for example to the reader in the shop when you make your purchase.

Are my details at risk?

Well, we wouldn’t leave our purse or wallet for anyone to use would we? Yet RFID technology can mean that if a criminal does have an unauthorised scanner then they can potentially scan information from your cards.

How can I further protect my data?

There are a lot of products now which incorporate RFID Protection. With purses and wallets for example, the RFID blocking protection is positioned underneath the outer layer of the item. This means that whilst your cards are in the purse or wallet, they will be safe. For many of the products at Love EMVY this will relate to the commercially used frequency 13,56MHz.

Does this affect my passport information?

A lot of the newer style UK passports now have an RFID Chip inbuilt. If information from this does fall into the wrong hands then there is a risk of identity theft and a whole heap of mess to sort…

My work ID still scans whilst inside an RFID wallet/purse, why is this?

A common question is that peoples work passes for example still scan whilst inside. The RFID protection in purses and wallets will usually only cover bank/credit cards and not work on IDs. This is because they work on a higher frequency.


New technology has made our lives in general easier, however there are also risks as outlined above. Make sure you keep your personal data safe. Keep shredding any personal documentation as well and stay safe!

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