Top tips for organising your handbag

Top tips for organizing your handbag:

Do you have the everything but the kitchen sink in your handbag? Cant find anything? If you are anything like me any receipt, leaflet, kids unwanted half eaten biscuit gets thrown into your handbag until its fit to burst.

Then the dreaded fear sets in… where is my purse? I’ve lost it. What am I going to do? My day is too busy to deal with this!!! Then the whole house is turned upside down, every draw emptied.. Until finally you go back to basics and empty the bag.. and there it is…

Or do you just simply want to change your contents from bag to bag easily to fit the occasion without all the hassle?

Ever had that Makeup spill in your expensive handbag? I know I certainly have… its an absolute nightmare.

Well we have a great solution which has transformed these issues for me personally and I’m sure they can help you..

These handbag organisers I have found just fab, as they have handles at the top, so you can move them from bag to bag without all the usual fuss. Life is just busy enough!

I must be honest I have still had the odd makeup spill, but because these are wipe clean its not a problem.

There’s 13 different compartments to keep all my items clearly separated as well and as it folds flat too.

I also use one for holidays as a washbag. We all know how much airports like to charge for luggage! As they fold flat and are lightweight this all helps on luggage weight.

Only £5.99 including UK Postage!

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